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    Server for file hosting site

    I got a file hosting site that for the past 3 months has been receiving a lot of traffic. I am thinking of getting a dedi server. My budget is about $250 a month - what should I go for and what kinda hardware/speed am I looking at.

    My site alexa traffic rank is 75k and now days it has been between 45k 40K daily so it’s going up. Currently hosted on shared hosting and crapping out during downloads i.e. download suspends and file downloads incomplete.

    Please explain the difference between having unmetered bandwidth with 10mbps port and the same with 100 mbps port.

    Also unmetered 100mbps line (goes for top hundreds) and unmetered 10mbps line (low hundreds).

    I know some of it, but still need all the expert advice before I make a move.

    Thanks guys!

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    You should get a server with a raid 10 array and use something such as lighttpd (from to serve your files. Lighttpd is useful because it is a single threaded process which serves multiple connections at once unlike Apache.

    10mbps unmetered means that your connection can reach a maximum of 10Mbps and your bandwidth will not be recorded. That means you'll get around 3.3TB if you max out your link 24/7. 100mbps means that your connection can max out at 100mbps however unmetered 100mbps usually costs a lot more.
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