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    Thumbs up 4Letter LLLL Pronounceable Domains-2007 SALE -HURRY!

    Excellent Pronounceable LLLL domains 2007 SALE at bargain prices

    BWUT.COM (“But”) $18
    FHUY.COM $18
    FWEK.COM $18
    FWEY.COM $18
    FWUR.COM $18
    FWUZ.COM (“Fuss”) $18
    HWUY.COM (“Why”) $18
    KWUZ.COM (“Cos”) $18
    OBHY.COM $18
    PWUR.COM $18
    FWUX.COM (“fxxks”) $18

    PGXP.COM- “Programmer XP”, “Page XP”,”Programmer Cross Platform” $15
    FVOB.COM (VOB stand for Video Object) $15

    Registered: Godaddy
    (Domain name can be transferred free to your GoDaddy account. If you do not have a GoDaddy account, you can set up one for free.)
    Domain Registration Expiry: Nov 2007
    Payment by Paypal to [email protected]
    Once we receive your payment and details, we will transfer the domain to your Godaddy account within 24 hours.
    This is multi-forum post.
    If you have reasonable Bulk Offer or alternative offer, you can PM me

    Thank You & Happy New Year!

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