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    Server monitoring software

    I am getting ready to purchase my own server and I need some server monitoring software.

    What do you all recommend for server monitoring software?

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    Nagios seems to be a favorite... although, if it is only for one server, use something like
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    Checkout -Transparent Technical Support for Webhosts
    Let the PROs handle your support

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    I forgot to mention that I will be running Linux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by attroll
    I forgot to mention that I will be running Linux.
    I second Nagios if you've got another server to run it on. It's got this great client called NRPE that can run tons of plugins. I've got it setup on quiet a few servers with SMS notifications monitoring disk usage, processes, exim queue size, latency, etc.
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    OpManager is the best thing smokin' in my book. However to use this great product it will cost you $795 for the professional edition. If you have 25 or less devices to monitor you can use the professional verision for free.

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    FreeBSD 6.2
    see Argus. Free, open-source, clear browser-based display and management, logical configuration file format. Very reliable. I have used it for at least 3 years now to managed thousands of services and have only been impressed.
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    Mercury sitescope is by far the best.

    However, it is quite costly

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