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    Linux Swap on a second Hdisk?

    I have a second Hdisk on my system, is it okay to sent the tmp swap file folder for the main drive on the second drive? This idea is to lower the disk access and stress of the main hdisk... i have 3gigs of ram and from what i'm reading i should have 6 gigs of swap in which i'm creating 6 swap files 1gig per file.

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    Yes, putting a swap partition on another disk is a good idea.

    Though, with that much RAM, you should hope you never need 6 GB of swap.

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    If you are going to move the swap space to the second drive, then you will have to disable the swap on the first drive, otherwise it will still be used for some swap access (thereby negating the whole endeavour). Also, setting swap space to twice the amount of RAM is usually only a recommendation, and not a hard rule. You should always consider the current load requirements of your server before making significant changes to your system. (Are you even using a lot of swap space right now?) As stated above, if you need that much swap, then you are in more need of a second server than more swap space. By the time you are using that much swap space, your server response time has probably been cut in half.

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