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    Talking Transferring domains from Plesk server to Plesk server; How?

    I currently have 4 servers running on Plesk; each with about 100 domains. I would like to consolidate all of the domains into one server and get rid of the remaining 3 servers.

    Is it easy to transfer domains from Plesk to Plesk servers? If so, how?

    Many Thanks,

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    Check out the 'Migration Manager' in the 'Server' portion of the Plesk administrator panel. I have used it on several occasions with good results.

    There are little things that can go wrong with the migration but it is probably the most efficient way to migrate a large number of domains.

    Good luck

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    Mike be aware some files you may have with domain name but outside the realm of httpdocs / httpsdocs wont be transfered across to new server. Best if you do a final comparison b4 u remove old server completely.

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    If you go for a manual account restoration, the URL might help.

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