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    Looking For A Female Model Portfolio Programmer

    One of my companies, FloridaModels Online, is in need of a solid programmer that can complete a model portfolio system so the girls can post their pictures and stats.

    The program must coincide with my website and they'll be subtle changes throughout the lifetime of my company.

    I have the system specs already written out and I can email them to you for review.

    Please visit my company website at and contact me if interested at [email protected].

    My budget for this project is (USD $300 and $10/mo.) for updates/changes/etc.
    Mark Seemueller, CEO
    Telecom & Financial Consultants

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    Hi Mark, we'd be happy to tackle this one for you. I've reviewed your website and am confident we could complete this project to your satisfaction. I'll have to review your spec sheet before I can accept your proposed budget, but it should be easy to meet. If you could send that spec sheet to via PM, I'll review it and get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

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