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    Web site for sale.


    This is the second full web hosting site I have built to sell now.
    The first one went for a massive $3,000

    I don't know how this will turn out.

    Firstly I'll explain to you about the web site:

    This web site is fulled coded in php and fully Search engine optimized (SEO) & is using search engine safe urls' (SEF .html)

    This web site is a demo web site and can be changed suched as the logo, company name, hosting plans or you can actually have the domain and use this web site and start your web hosting company from this site.

    The contact page is working, everthing on the site is working except the last step of the order form.

    The FAQ section is pulled from the mysql database too.

    I have even built a custom ticket system.

    The domain checker at the top works.

    As you can see there is an order form I have built but there is no payment page. You can either hire me or someone else to create the final step of the ordering form. (All products come from the mysql database)

    There is two things you will need:

    1. An ordering form such as modernbill ( OR WHMCS ( I can be for hire to install these scripts for you. (or I can/someone can complete the ordering page)
    2. A web hosting reseller account or your own servers.

    I really do want this site sold and out of my hands.

    The address is:

    What you get:

    Everything, even the domain name if you want it.

    What I will do for you:

    I will install the web site on your server and customize the packages and company name/logo.

    I am starting the bid at $300. Either PM me or post your bid here, its up to you.

    You can send me n email through the email link in my profile.

    Payments made through paypal. I'm business verified.

    Thanks for looking,

    P.S: There i no admin panel to edit the content but I will edit the content manually for you.

    The reason why the last step of the ordering form ins't complete it because I don't know what gateway will be used by you.
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    Is this your site?
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    Yes. Its a demo site I have made to sell. Or the person can buy the actual domain and I will push it over to their enom account or they can request a domain transfer.

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    I have put some text at the top of the web sie telling people its a demo & its for sale just so people don't get confused that its not a real web site.

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    What sort of billing system has been implemented if any?
    Drop me an email as I wish to discuss further.

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    I sent you an PM because I don't know your email address.

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