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    Unhappy Shouls I go *Shared* or *Dedicated*? Need to buy today or tommorow, please help

    I want to install dolphin dating software,

    now my question is: SHould I go with Shared or Dedicated hosting and why?

    Some shared hosts claim to provide 2000 GB of bandwith for like $7.5/month. Other VPS and dedicated hosts provide less bandwith for like $50-$100/month.

    Where is the logic here? Why pay more to get less? I will be hosting 1 site anyways. So honestly, what should I do? Should I go dedicated or shared and why?

    I don't know, please help me with decision and please give me your reasoning. Thank you and Happy New Year!

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    Wecome to WHT Daniel07, what type of visitors do you think you will have? Small amount or large amount (to start off with)? Plans that offer 2000GB per month on a shared environment are oversold big time, I would stay clear of plans that offer that much bandwidth for that little cost. You will see big reliability issues there. I would say cut costs as much as possible. Most providers will allow you to upgrade with no fees, however downgrading to involve downgrade fees. Better safe than sorry.
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    How much bandwidth do you think you'll really be using? A shared host providing 2TB bandwidth for $7.5/mo is not going to let you use that under any circumstances - I can guarantee you that.

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    If its a new site, start small as grow as your company grows. If you go with a host that offers you everything for nothing (which looks to be what you quotes) then you'll have nothing from headaches. Google didn't make it to where they are by going with a host that offers everything for nothing.

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    As the others have said, if it is a new site and you don't expect a tremendous amount of traffic, go with a shared hosting plan. That way you don't pay for something that you don't need. Make your research on what host to go with though...

    If/when the site becomes popular and requires more, then you can upgrade.

    Best of luck!

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    I agree With Crislem, if you're just starting, a shared account offering PHP/Mysql should be enough.
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    If you're just hosting 1 site (as you've said) and don't estimate needing more than a few gigs of bandwidth initially it'd definitely be best to go with a shared host. However, I for one (as many others would probably agree) suggest you use due dilligence in selecting a hosting provider. Mainly because there are tons out there offerring the world for a few pennies (I can almost 100% guarantee you no provider gets 2000GB of transfer for only 7.50), as such you'd run the risk of being placed on a highly oversold server that might come to a screeching halt during various points of the day.

    Also remember "you get what you pay for" wholely applies. Best of luck in your new hosting journey, keep us updated when you get things narrowed down or need additional advice.
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