Almost exactly two years ago, my gaming clan were experiencing problems taking delivery of a server from that we had ordered. The original thread was Unimpressed with Voxrox.

At this time, I can happily report that we still have that dual Opteron, and have experienced minimal problems with it. We continue to host one of the most popular game servers in the world on it - a testament to it's stability - as well as many league matches. We do not plan on giving it up anytime soon.

I also get the impression that Voxrox likes us as a client. The fact that we pay our invoices within hours of receiving them probably helps as well.

So, for all the twits in that previous thread who suggested I raise my voice, or worse, sue for damages, take note: This is why you work with people to solve problems. Two years with excellent service and no serious issues certainly makes up for the initial roll-out problems we experienced.

Craig Hansen
[TLB]Bart Bandy
The Lazy Bastards