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    Outsourcing monitoring! Who is your pick?

    I am currently a customer of HyperSpin and Pingdom.

    I have been a long time customer of HyperSpin now, and they have been fantastic! I am still getting their old pricing scheme which is great, would have no problem to pay their current pricing (top notch service!). I accidentally canceled my subscription (PayPal problem) and they let me re-subscribe at my old rate, very good customer service over there. SMS alerts have been spot on as well!

    I recently heard about Pingdom through a promotion of theirs. They were offering one year of free monitoring so I jumped on it. Even at the price they charge for monitoring 5 websites at 1minute intervals it is a very good deal. Their monitoring is spot on as well. Only had their service for less then a month however.

    Whats your pick?
    It's Scott!

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    We are still using HyperSpin as well. We have been with them about the same time as you. They provide great service and we are happy with them. There is no reason for us to change.

    I did see the Pingdom special but we did not sign up with them. Hyperspin has been supporting us for a couple of years and has never given us a reason to change.

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    1,354 - excellent customer service
    ICANN accredited domain registrar

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    Extremely accurate. Never had a reason to contact their support.
    ReflexNetworks means Happy Clients!

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