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    * bad domain control

    Is anybody know about
    I'll buy a domain name from them at the beginning of the year 2006.
    It's run Ok till I want to change the ns server to my own.
    The control panel are limited to A and MX, the NS option was lock.
    I'll try to contact the support and it ends they dump me to billing dept.
    They said If I want to change my NS by my own, theyself will do it but on my own risk and I must sign a form that state they not responsible for now on.
    I agreed but there's no clue from them how to manage the domain name like when I must pay the yearly subcription. control panel are so bad.
    I also used godaddy, they control panel was superb, I can change my NS anytime I want.
    I feel the hiding some important info for client.

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    Why not just transfer the domain to Godaddy than?
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    Domain providers that permit you to change the NS of your domain anytime is rare, I don't really know why but probably that there is something dealing with security. Generally, just ask them to change it and they will as soon as they can. Remember it doesn't affect your website immediately because you need to wait for the DNS to refresh and all that stuff.

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    I think your trying to edit the DNS Zone file and not the actual DNS to the domain. Its important you get them straight as there is a difference!

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    * bad domain control

    Quote Originally Posted by HostFrog
    Why not just transfer the domain to Godaddy than?
    You're right. I think its a good idea.

    I'll asked them nicely but it seems the technical support not so clear about their decision, maybe becaude some policy from billing departement.It seem obvious they hiding something or maybe just not ready for an option . My hosting it's not from them. I took from webiihost and they play nice about my ns server. (Or because I setup my ns via webiihost so automatically I transferred my domain from
    I don't want to change a ns a lot, I just want a nice and stable ns server for my own old domain (like because I plan to become a developer myself.
    My problem now to whom I must pay the yearly domain subsricption.
    Well, must make it clear to

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    Fool me. maybe I miss some basic understanding about 101 ways to manage domain. Please, inform me guys.

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