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Thread: Relio Downtime?

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    Relio Downtime?

    Has anybody been experiencing problems with Relio's uptime?

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    10,574 is up for me right now, but are you just talking about bad uptime in general?

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    yeah, just general uptime. The last few weeks for me have been especialy problematic.

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    Can you please be more specific, we have quite a few servers and 2 datacenters, are you experiencing problems with a server in peticular ? or a service ?

    How much downtime and how you seeing it ? I know Apache was acting up on a couple of servers, but for more details you can ask the techs.


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    It is just general site up time. The stats speak for themselves.

    I use multiple scripts to check uptime and they all have reported downtime.

    I have contacted support and all they say is there is nothing wrong. It must be a router outside the network.

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    Hi mnrbig

    can you PM me the ticket they say there is nothing I Ity wrong, I will make sure whoever the tech was that he pays more attention.

    I am looking at your latest ticket, it seems there is a recurrent problem with the WEB2 server were you are that is having apache spike up the load every day or two, this is currently beeing looked into.


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    your box is full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnrbig
    your box is full.
    Sorry, i've cleaned it now

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    The last few weeks for me have been especialy problematic.

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