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    Exclamation GMail Vulnerable To Contact List Hijacking

    (does not affect POP accounts)

    GMail Vulnerable To Contact List Hijacking

    Using a form of cross scripting, it becomes easy to steal a GMail userís contact list if they visit a certain type of website. The only condition is you have to be logged in to GMail at the time of the attack. GMail is setup to store your contact list in javascript files, which is the core problem. If you log into your GMail account, and click here, youíll see your contactís details, along with their email. I've tried the hack on IE7, Opera, and Firefox; it appears to be working on all three. To see a demonstration of the attack, login to your GMail account and go to this website. I donít know for sure if the list is being saved or not, so browse at your own risk. According to the website they arenít saving the data.

    Something worth noting is that the email it claims is yours, is never yours. I tried it on two different emails, and it failed both times. However both times it listed the address I get email from most as mine. Also in the image I've included, shows 23 contacts when it did indeed list all 200 or so.

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    I just saw this on Digg. I hope it gets fixed (although I don't use it anymore).
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    Wild the time people have on there hands to come up with these exploits amazing.

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    I sure hope google fixes this fast, I'm always on Gmail for buissness reasons, and I like it much better than anyother email service

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    I use gmail for alot of my online stuff too....hope they get on it and fix it soon

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    Maybe Google should reward people to find bugs on their system
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    It was fixed yesterday or early this morning.
    IE7 is nine years behind the standards or wrong.
    But it works in IE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drhowarddrfine
    It was fixed yesterday or early this morning.

    The register have an article saying its fixed as well....

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    Is this not the seccond hack on gmail? I remember one a while back how they could get in via cookies?
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