Hello Community!

I am currently looking for a stable positing in the webhosting industry, in particular I am looking for a stable, customer service/sales position to further my venture in a vast knowledge of everything involved in the hosting industry. I am able to tackle majority of the problems that come my way, within a timely manner. I like to work in a friendly work environment, where it isn't too stiff, but isn't too unprofessional. Communication is key!

I currently have around 6 years of experience under my belt, employed with various large and reputable companies, working with Level 1 & 2 Technical support, as well as Customer Service, Sales and Billing. I have worked with a wide variety of softwares, such as;

PHP Live!
and much, much more!

I am able to quickly adapt to a working environment, as well as provide key customer satisfaction, while maintaining the proper working etiquette. I am looking for an immediate position remotely, with the possibility of relocating after time. I am currently based in Florida, with only remote experience currently.

I am looking for a Full-Time Position with a reputable company with an hourly/salary pay. (Please no per-ticket or per-chat inquiries!)

I have a resume upon request that shows my proper qualifications. I am able to legally sign and NDA/No Compete upon request.

Birthdate: 10/27/1986

Please, no replies to this thread, you can PM me, or send an email to saintagex [at] hotmail.com.

Thanks, and happy new years!