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    which one to choose


    I have been burned serveral times. But now I face the choices again among three options,

    1. $10/month for 12 gb space, 100 gb bw. I pay in monthly, so there is not big ripoff possible. So far with them for 2 weeks, the services is great with 800 phone support.

    The problem, it is too good to be true. The company is very new. I am afraid they may go under.

    2. $50/month.
    the package is similar to the (1) above, just different in price.

    this company has been in hosting business since mid, 2001. Have good review in

    The problem is, why not get a dedicated server? in addition, the

    3. rachshack, $99/month. But I am not sure if i can manage a server.

    which way i should go?

    by the way, the package (1) does meet my needs. the only issue is if I can trust them.

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    #1.. cheaper is not always better. Quality is the # 1 ingredient

    If you're not sure if you can manage a ded server, don't do it.

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    are you sure? $10.00 US DOLLARS for 100GigaBytes??
    Joman Sierra

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    You should leave #1, because it is very obvious that this host is overselling ($0.10 per GB, that's the bottom/no-profit line even for cogent). You host is definetely counting on the clients underusing the server, but if you yourself would use the full 100Gb, then others could too. They may have good service when everyone is underusing, but when everyone uses all their bandwidth allotment, you will find problems.

    If you have no experience managing a server, you should go for an option that will have someone manage the server for you. Unless you are willing to put in serious time into learning server administration. It isn't impossible, but it takes time.\

    There is a reason why rackshack's servers are so cheap, and at the same time they are famous for unmanaged support. There is absolutely no hand-holding from rackshack. If you mess up, they will either suggest "reboot or restore".


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    One option might be to have someone manage a rackshack server for you. This may cost a little more but at least you know what you are getting.
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