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    help get info off of a failed harddrive

    I have a FreeBSD system with cPanel on it, and the harddrive has failed.

    It keeps saying there is an incorrect superblock, and it can't mount the drives.

    Both the datacenter technicians and myself can't seem to get it to mount, and we need to recover the information. fsck fails, continiously.

    The irony here is that the backup harddrive on the secondary server blew up a few weeks ago, and while I thought it was backing up to another account it apparently hasn't been.

    If anyone has any ideas or thoughts, I would appreciate it, a lot.

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    Check that might help you.

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    Try using dd or ddrescue to clone the drive to another disk. OpenBSD has the scan_ffs program that can rebuild your disklabel but I'm not sure if that's available on FreeBSD.

    Also you could try this:
    Linux/BSD Systems Administrator

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    I hope you have already tried fsck -y <device>

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    Yea, fsck -y was the very first thing.

    I actually managed to get things working with the following done on each device:

    fsck_ffs -b376512 -y /dev/ad2s1a

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