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    Setting Up Client Templates In Plesk

    Hi All,

    I am trying to set up a client template using Plesk, the Maximum I want to give the user is 250MB space and 2000MB bandwidth... I was wondering if anyone else who know Plesk could give some helpful ideas on what other options would be useful for the customer?

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    2000MB is less for big customers, I think you have to increase the BW limit. Also, increase the disk quota if you can.

    Also, give all the necessary permissions like Domain Alias Management, Antivirus Management etc. for the customers. You can see that option in Plesk CP >> Clients >> Permissions.

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    Ok thnaks for the help... Yea this is gino to be a really cheap plan, I will have others. But all the extra options I want to keep the same for all plans.
    Access to control panel
    Domain creation
    Physical hosting management
    Management of shell access to server
    Client cannot allow or disallow shell access
    Client can allow access only to a chrooted environment
    Client can allow access to any type of shell
    Hard disk quota assignment
    Subdomains management
    Domain aliases management
    Log rotation management
    Anonymous FTP management
    Crontab management
    Domain limits adjustment
    DNS zone management
    Java applications management
    Mailing lists management
    Spam filter management
    Dr.Web antivirus management
    Allow backing up and restoring data and use: control panel's repository
    FTP repository
    Ability to use remote XML interface
    User interface
    Desktop and standard interface are allowed
    Only Desktop interface is allowed
    Only standard interface is allowed
    Desktop management
    Maximum number of domains Unlimited
    Maximum number of subdomains Unlimited
    Maximum number of domain aliases Unlimited
    Disk space MB Unlimited
    Maximum amount of traffic MB/month Unlimited
    Maximum number of web users Unlimited
    Maximum number of databases Unlimited
    Maximum number of mailboxes Unlimited
    Set the mailbox quota KB Unlimited
    Maximum number of mail redirects Unlimited
    Maximum number of mail groups Unlimited
    Maximum number of mail autoresponders Unlimited
    Maximum number of mailing lists Unlimited
    Maximum number of Java applications Unlimited
    Validity period Unlimited
    I have given them Access to control panel, Subdomains management, Domain aliases management, anonymous ftp management, DNS zone management, mailing lists management, Dr. Web antivirus management... Anything else you think is important?

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