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    Arrow Reseller plans starting at $0.75/gb, XP1700+ Servers W/Free setup!

    Hey guys, heres what we've got this week for ya :

    - AMD XP1700+
    - 512MB RAM
    - 40 gig hdd
    - 10/100 NIC
    - APC Access (Remote Reboot)
    - Free Port monitoring *coming soon* (already implamented, final tweaks being made)
    - MRTG Graphs

    - up to 40 Free IP Addresses*
    - 300gb/mo Transfer
    - 99.5% uptime guarantee
    - Redhat Linux 7.2 or FreeBSD 4.5, or Slackware 8.0, or Other (customer require to provide licenses/media for non-free Operating systems and they will be installed free of charge).
    - Free Support (yes, thats right) through our forum, for basic or advanced support issues, also regular support via phone, email, icq, aim and ticket system.

    Available control panels:
    CPanel/WHM add $65/mo
    Ensim 100 domain add $99 one time
    Plesk 30 domain add $150 one time
    Plesk 1 domain - Free
    Webmin - Free

    * Current IP Addresses must be justified with Priority Colocation before moer will be issued, IP's will not be issued in sizes of more then 8 per week unless specially agreed upon (this is due to abuse received in the past, justify your IP's and we'll have no issues).

    $150/mo, Free setup

    Also, Reseller packages with the following specifications:

    - $0.75/gb transfer
    - for every 10gb transfer, 500mb space included free (yes, thats correct, you can have 10gb transfer, and 500mb space for $7.50/mo).
    - Additional space - $1/250mb space
    - IP Addresses 1 free for every 15gb transfer
    - Additional IP's - $1/mo/ea.
    - CPanel/WHM 4.8 servers, unlimited domains, subdomains, mysql, pop3, ftp, etc.

    This allows anyone to mix and match to make a reseller setup to fit their needs to the letter, to order, please email, message me, etc.

    Got questions? Ask away .

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    Yes I indigent to that How I get this an Server

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    mody: I've sent the instructions in a reply to your mail, to get the server package you just sign up for our AMD Package #1 with "WHT 06-26-2002 Special" followed by your WHT nickname in the comments field, to get one of the reseller packages, same deal, just specify the specs you'd like in the comments field also.

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    Is this offer valid yet? I did not find any link to this special offer on your site.

    Your normal reseller accounts are more expensive than this offer, isn't it? Are those on different servers? Is there any difference in quality etc?

    I want to signup for an account, what can I do?


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    Hi there wmac,

    Yes, this offer is valid, it's a special offer that i only post on WHT, so you have to contact me to get it.

    No, there is absolutly no difference in quality, but we post offers often because obviously they get more quantity. As i mentioned in my previous post, if you want the dedicated server, order amd package one, and then put "WHT 06-26-2002 Special" followed by your WHT nickname in the comments field. By doing this, when i process your order, i will see to it that you get the special.

    If you want one of the reseller packages, just contact me, and i'll make one up for you and basically get you to put in another number (a custom package number), into the comments field.

    Because we offer flexible and accomodating offers/deals all the time, unfortunatly we dont have time to re-design our order form every time we make deals, etc. so we use this method instead .


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