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    Could one make a decent living building computers?

    Except for the stress of an install, I've had alot of fun building my personal computer. It's now passed the 3 day test, and hopefully will be good for the next four years, barring anything that needs a major speed increase or equipment upgrade.

    I have now decided to build my shore computer, since I could do that for 929$'s and buying from new egg, compared to paying for a pre-built one with shipping and taxes at $1200's.

    Could one make a decent living building computers for people in the neighborhood with a small store front or home office? I'd mostly advertise to people with some computer experience and can troubleshoot the basic problems themselves. But for folks who don't have the time, patience, or 'talent' needed to install the physical hardware, I can do that easy and shop for deals for them at the same time.

    I'm curious that if someone pays for the parts, how much could you charge for an install/labor? 'or would it be on a per machine basis at $200's per machine? I obviously can't provide warranty or operating system support if they have a problem, but they know that if they ship the part to me they can get a fast install done and delivered within a few hours since they are nearbye...

    And beleive me, I'd be even more carefull with their payed equipment than I am with my own, and I'm almost nuerotic when it comes to carefully handling my new stuff .... if that's the right word. It would definetly be a fun job, and I could even expand in the future since computers are here to stay.... but I wouldn't want it too big.
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    There is a small store front in Edison, NJ where I live. I don't know how much he makes, but it's been open for several years now. He also does computer servicing and upgrades and has a small selection of Jewish software since it's a Jewish area.
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