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    * Host with ASP support?

    Hi everyone..

    Which may the best choise for a hostpack with ASP support?

    perhaps NT, and shall reseller..

    there's reseller services with ASP support? or not?

    hgggmm... anybody??
    give me links, more links..

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    umm thats the only one i know of, I am currently hosted with them.
    Hosted by

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    770 is the one I use.
    Is Canada the best? Noo Doot Aboot It!
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    * hmmss. another reseller plans?

    Thanx people.

    I think I better need a reseller plan with both of them operating system.

    I've read a lot of and here are great ideas from all guys..

    I surfed most of the told links, searched more and so I guess I'll choose one of them.

    With unlimited domain support.
    I can pay monthly, I need not much more 10 gb bw for one month.
    But I need a mail support with good server.
    Customization and Control Panels are plus..

    Any recommendation.. more?

    Perhaps I've send a post to Request forum.. yep I'll do..


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    Not sure if this helps, but many Linux based resellers offer either Apache ASP or Chillisoft ASP and you get all the usual Linux bells and whistles. (PHP, mySQL.....etc)

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    You could find a host that offers a reseller account on Hsphere and go between Unix and NT.

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    Originally posted by Maniac
    You could find a host that offers a reseller account on Hsphere and go between Unix and NT.
    Interesting comment, your the second person in 2 months that has mentioned the hybrid account style plan.

    I happen to run a h-sphere system and back with version 2.0.6 I asked about hybrids ( unix and windows at the same control panel ) I was advised no, it is not currently possible.

    Hmmm time to go back and ask again.

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