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    Custom CMS Script for Sale ONLY $5

    Hello all, i am selling a custom built cms that allows you to submit content to your website.

    Here are some backend screenshots

    I also have a screenshot of the some of the script so i can prove its on my server and mine.

    I am letting this go for $5 and resell rights $10.

    Thank you

    Please send me a PM

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    how about a front end demo?
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    I'm very interested.

    Can you please provide me a screenshot of it actually working? - VPS Control Panel
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    I am also intrested! Please show more!

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    I'm not trying to be rude or anything but isn't there a tutorial on Pixel2Life showing how to make a tutorial cms exactly like this? I've made it before and it didn't work too well...

    The images shown are exactly the same as the admin cp for the tutorial cms I've seen.... I'd make a lot of changes to it so it doesn't look as similar and add some graphics etc...

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