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    Per-directory PHP directives with Ensim's (?) high security mode

    Just signed up with UnitedHosting recently, and found out that PHP isn't provided through mod_php, so directives in .htaccess don't work :-/

    I want to have per-directory php prepends, so what's the solution?

    (No response from UnitedHosting support so far today, and can't sign up to their forums since membership is moderated and no-one's approved me yet :-/ :-/ )

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    You were given a response in under 1 hour, on a sunday, on New Years Eve - just for the record of course. We operate 24/7/365 support and have several staff on hand right now to help.

    PHP as a CGI is far far more secure on a shared hosting environment and means we have no problems with entire servers being put a risk because 1 client cannot keep a php script secured or updated - its a huge benefit but does take some getting used to if your moving from a mod_php environment.

    We are giving you prompt responses to your ticket and if you put your UH forum username into your ticket we can accept your membership (we moderate signups as we get around 20 spammers a day signing up due to our high google ranking).

    I'll leave this thread now as WHT shouldnt really be used for hosting support matters - hopefully you are seeing the prompt updates to your ticket and we'll work with you until a solution is found.

    Have a fantastic new year and 2007
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    Just ran across this old thread and believe I recall trying to help you with that issue.

    Can you confirm if a solution was ever reached regarding this?

    ps. I tried to PM but you don't seem to accept PM's.
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