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    CreLoaded programmer required

    Very simple job i beleive, have installed a template and the supplier wont provide any technical support, and the blasted thing doesnt work correctly!
    Need the payment error messages displayed in the red bar at the top of the payment checkout page. It currently sends people back to the page without an explanation as to what they have done wrong. It is displayed in the Url box, but thats not good enough!
    Add me on MSN sales @ Ocean Wave Mobiles . com or email me.

    Let me know if your interested.



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    Contact me. I've worked on quite a few CRE/osCommerce websites. Recently completed
    jh! design
    EMAIL: info AT

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    Jacob is TOP notch!

    Quote Originally Posted by jhdesign
    Contact me. I've worked on quite a few CRE/osCommerce websites. Recently completed (forum won't let me link)
    I'm, and Jacob indeed has/is doing our CRE site. We've already dealt with a couple of "bad apples" prior to Jacob. Thankfully Jacob reversed that trend and we, if anything, are the hindrance to any progress that has yet to be made.

    You can not go wrong with Jacob, as long as you can negotiate the hefty time difference (he's in Korea) to coordinate with him. If there's any potential drawback that's it. Otherwise he's quite skilled, does what he says (which is a refreshing change), and is the "value shopper's" dream come true.

    Highly recommended.

    And just for the record I found this thread when I was Googling my website to see the results. Jacob never mention anything to me and has never requested that I be a reference. This is completely unsolicited and volutary on my behalf.

    Brendan Getchel

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