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    On building niche market comapnies...

    As some of you may have seen on the Dedicated Server forum I posted some initial info about our new company, it's a niche market MySQL centric concept.

    Are there any special "gotchas" or issues that might be specific to launching a niche market business? We don't have unlimited capital, but we do have some decent funds to help us launch and advertise the concept. We also have existing revenue for the next year already locked up in our consulting division.

    I guess I'm more looking for personal advice on entering niche markets within the hosting business and any experience any of you can share.


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    A few pointers from an 11 year old host...

    - Find out where the main source of clients will congregate / come from and become the resident expert in that area (forum, newsgroup, etc...). And I mean hours of work per week to contribute to this area without blatant advertising.

    - Find out the main software providers and partner with them, support them, show them you're committed and referrals will roll your way.

    - For your MySQL niche, market to each group that would use your services, i.e. a section for vBulletin, a section for Wordpress, etc... Tailor your marketing to address problems they have.

    - Promise 100% satisfaction, and then deliver 110%. Sounds stupid, but when you exceed your clients' expectations consistently, good things happen.

    - Do not under-price yourself. Niche markets mean the clients in that market understand the cost of good service. Too low a price will turn them away, contrary to what the general hosting market believes.

    - It sounds like you're a small group of dedicated personnel. Do not try to become the next big thing, stick to your core, keep your prices in the higher range, and you'll be successful going forward without running into huge growth issues.

    Hope these generic pointers help in getting your company positioned in a niche market.

    Happy New year!

    - John C.

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    interesting post, John.

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    LOVE your advise - thanks for sharing and I am certain many will find value in it...

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