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    Rackforce 10mbps unmetered windows VPS for $59??

    Does anyone use Rackforce's windows VPS servers? They claim dedicated 10mbps unmetered connections, which sounds a little bit too good to be true for the prices. However it seems they have many good reviews here. If you use one of their 10mbps VPS servers, how much are you usually able to push?

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    Well it's seems it's a dedicated 1.5mbps per linux vps and a 10mbps shared (between 8 vps clients) per windows vps, see here, so if all windows use it to the max they can just use about 1.25mbps, but i guess that depends on how it shares the bandwidth...

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    That page might be outdated. The main page shows 5 VE's per node for the base windows, and less than that for the higher end ones.
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    I have used them before on Linux boxes and I left cause there are many issues and the last month I was there, (I had given notice) I cannot even get my files out as they have cut my bandwidth.

    Not to mention that the tech support is just horrible.. I always have to get 1 guy in the department and he is the manager, so if he is not there...

    if you are just testing out stuff or using it for test site.. that is a good price.
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