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    dont abort command when putty closes connection

    I have a series of command or a shell script that I want to run (via ssh) but many times I loose my connection for a moment and therefore the commands I entered are aborted. is there any way I can have the operation continue after I close the ssh connection?

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    Have you tried running the command in the background. This way it seperates itself from the actual login.

    ./command &

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    Install screen and run the commands within it.

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    I installed screen on my server. Can you tell me how it works ? I typed screen in ssh prompt, i get the the command prompt again. Can you tell me how to use screen ?

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    Screen starts an independent session which stays running when/if you get disconnected.

    Use man screen or some other documentation, google is your friend. One thing to get you started is, if you get disconnected after starting a screen session you can reconnect with "screen -r". I think you can also get help with Ctrl-A ? or Ctrl-X ?.

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