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    Thumbs up How to change server without losing IPs

    I have a dedicated server with 300 clients and now I want to change to other bigger server.

    I can transfer all accounts via Cpanel but wonder how to keep the old IPs & old nameservers for the new server ?

    It's terrible that I have to tell my customers change their IPs or domains name server

    Give me your advice !

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    Your datacenter has to allow it.
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    If the IPs belong to your server company and you are moving to a server with a different company you will have to change the IPs. This is why I don't offer private nameservers with reseller accounts.

    If you're moving to another server with the same company you should be able to speak with them to have the routing on that IP changed.

    As for changing nameservers you can just change the NS records for NS1.YOURDOMAIN.COM and NS2.YOURDOMAIN.COM using your registrar's control panel.

    Hope this helps.

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    you can change your domain to new ip right??

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