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    What does this email I received from server mean?

    We are using cpanel.

    I received this email the first time the other day.

    (some info changed for privacy)

    Obviousely it looks like someone logged in to a mail account over a limit and they were blocked.

    Do I need to unblock it manually?

    What does the "flushed" mean?

    Can you tell what it means AND where I can reset this or change the settings?


    To: [email protected]
    > Subject: lfd: [email protected] blocked for pop3d access
    > Time: Thu Dec 28 19:18:26 2006
    > Account: [email protected]
    > Application: pop3d
    > IP: 77.291.675.103 (
    > Logins: 61
    > Interval: 3395
    > Allowable: 60 logins per hour in 3600 second interval
    > Flushed in: 205 seconds

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    ok thanks. I'll check that out.

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    Your client has accessed their email too many times. This can be changed in /etc/csf/csf.conf , or through WHM itself
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    Where can I find that in WHM?

    I looked but don't see it.

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    CPanel -> ConfigServer Security & Firewall -> firewall configuration ->
    search for LT_POP3D

    Should be currently set to 60, change this to a higher number.
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