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    Online image thumbnail creator site for sale


    The url is

    This project of mine is only a half month old, started on the 20th of December, and now I have decided to take on a different project and need the cash.

    It has gotten ~5,700 uniques so far.
    I bought some traffic, paid a guy to submit the site to 500 different directories, and done some search engine submitting myself, the only big search engine I haven't done is dmoz because the service seemed to have been down.

    I have put up adsense since the start and it's only made a paltry $2.48. I've also used adbrite, but the ad seems to show google ads all the time O_o

    If you look at the stats you'll notice that there has been a dramatic slump in unique traffic, this is probably because I've stopped advertising and also because some visitors were from south asia and Taiwan had an earthquake recently damaging the internet connection of most of south asia.

    The winner gets the unique design as well.

    I paid for $300 for the original thumbnail maker, and around $150 for marketing the site and around $50 for the design so I'm hoping to get atleast $300 from this auction.

    Min bid: $300
    BIN: $500

    Also because my internet is ultra super slow and I won't be home until the 14th of January, it might take a while for me to send the website files and script to the winner.

    For revenue and stats proof, please visit I don't want to have to upload them again.

    This site is being auctioned on Sitepoint and Namepros as well
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