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    * Make A New Year's resolution to find quality hosting and save money with us!

    We at ElectroPopMedia have never oversold our resources and never will. We are more concerned with uptime, server loads and providing the customer with great service than we are with the bottom line. We don't try to squeeze a penny out of a turnip, as it is not a good business plan to sardine box hundreds of customers onto a failing machine that cannot keep basic services operating. When one considers the long term thats a failing business. We aren't a fly by night company, we have been hosting websites for customers for over 3 years. We keep our business costs down by utilizing open source software where we can, and we gladly pass that value down to the customers.

    Make a resolution to put your site on the quality servers that you know you deserve. If you are not completely satisfied you can get a full refund within the first 14 days of your stay with us, no questions asked, no fuss about it. We will soon be offering CPanel as a control panel option. It is likely we will have two new CPanel boxes online to serve our customers needs before our next posting, so feel free to contact us before ordering if you would like to use CPanel over DirectAdmin. Pricing is going to remain the same.

    We want to be your webhost this new year and build a long relationship of trust and stability with you. Don't get swept away in the mix of large hosts who see you only as a domain name and don't make the mistake so many do of choosing a host who cannot provide you with the uptime and services you need. We started out hosting and actively maintaining mission critical sites for musical artists, bands, and hollywood movie promotions. We took that energy and outlook on hosting and we hold each and every site to that standard. If you ever find you are not happy with our hosting, contact us, and we will do what we can to remedy the situation or find a viable solution to the problem.

    Our lineup of deals:

    Starter Plan
    »Storage: 500 MB
    »Transfer: 10 GB
    »Email Aliases: 10
    »Subdomains: 5
    »MySQL DB: 5
    »Hosted Domains: 1
    »Control Panel: DirectAdmin / CPanel is coming soon! Just ask us!
    »Port: 100mbit
    »$0.00 Setup Fee $5.00/MONTH •ORDER NOW!•

    Basic Plan
    »Storage: 1 GB
    »Transfer: 20 GB
    »Email Aliases: 20
    »Subdomains: 10
    »MySQL DB: 10
    »Hosted Domains: 2
    »Control Panel: DirectAdmin / CPanel is coming soon! Just ask us!
    »Port: 100mbit
    »$0.00 Setup Fee $10.00/MONTH •ORDER NOW!•

    Reseller Plan
    »Storage: 5 GB
    »Transfer: 50 GB
    »Email Aliases: 500
    »Subdomains: 100
    »MySQL DB: 50
    »Hosted Domains: Unlimited
    »Port: 100mbit
    »Overselling Allowed: NO
    »Control Panel: DirectAdmin / CPanel is coming soon! Just ask us!
    »$0.00 Setup Fee $15.00/MONTH •ORDER NOW!•

    Mega Reseller
    »Storage: 10 GB
    »Transfer: 100 GB
    »Email Aliases: Unlimited
    »Subdomains: 500
    »MySQL DB: 100
    »Hosted Domains: Unlimited
    »Overselling Allowed: NO
    »Control Panel: DirectAdmin / CPanel is coming soon! Just ask us!
    »Port: 100mbit
    »$0.00 Setup Fee $20.00/MONTH •ORDER NOW!•

    ElectroPopMedia Support
    »Helpdesk Ticket System Monitored 24/7
    »LiveChat Support 7 Days a week 8 am - 11 pm EST
    »Telephone Support For Clients

    Our Payment Vendors Are

    New accounts activate within 1-2 hours during U.S. (8am-11pm E.S.T.) business hours. All orders are subject to verification which can include a phone call or an email verification from the paying account and in some circumstances may bring about longer setup times. If you have any questions please PM us here or contact us on our website!
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    We are now offering CPanel, same low price, same solid hosting!

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