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    * Admissions Essay

    My admissions essay for college will need to be submitted soon. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice?

    What is an appropriate way to write a closing statement?

    Sincerely, .....

    Thank you for your time....

    In closing...

    I'm a bit confused on that.

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    lol interesting post.... My highschool english teacher always taught us to be unique when writing our college entrance essay, he told us to be different then the norm. I mean how many of these essays do you think these college entry people read each day? Being different will actually make them stop and read, not just ouosh you aside as the usual "I want to attend your school because blah blah blah blah". He showed us one example of a student who submitted his essay in newspaper comic form, it was a really good one, he showed us another who wrote a story. I decided to write a story also, a baseball game story, and it worked, it got me into BU, BC and Northeastern (Boston MA colleges).

    So my advice, be creative and good luck....have fun in college, remember those will be the best days of your life -- coming soon to an internet near you...

    Oklahoma Sooners all the way baby!!

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    Don't use "in conclusion", "on a final note", "finally", or "in closing."
    It makes no difference which one of us you vote for. Either way, your planet is doomed... DOOMED!

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