Hello Everyone,

There is usually so much whining and complaining here so I figured I post a "Thank you for a job well done".

About a month ago we purchased a server from RME. The server is a (4) drive RAID-5 setup. About a week ago we got a whole ton of sector error messages. The problem was since it's RAID-5 CentOS was not really telling us which of the 4 drives was going bad. We knew that we could break each drive out of the array and test it, but that was going to be a bit of a pain as well as removing the redundancy we had in place.

Well to make a long story (a bit) shorter and an email and a couple of IM's to Brian at RME we had 4 replacement drives overnighted to the data center.

It's really hard to find this kind of customer support and we'll continue to use RME for future servers. So a big "thank you" to Brian and RME.