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    Thumbs down - Warning!

    I just wanted to post my experience with this server management company.

    A few weeks back I had a hard drive failure in one of my servers and ended up having to get a new OS reload (this was nobody's fault)
    So, I searched around and found I paid for the Linux Security Advanced - $75 one-time fee
    service, in order to secure my server again.
    I had a reply within a few hours, and the service was done in about a day's time. So far, very happy.
    But, then I found a problem. My webmail service no longer worked (using Plesk for hosting accounts)
    Sent an email to them, and they got it fixed within a few hours. Fine.
    A couple of days later, I noticed that none of the 2 rootkit check/detection programs they said had been installed where running (rkhunter and chkrootkit)
    I sent an email to them, but because of the holidays, I could not get back to them with my login information until a few days later (fine, not there fault)
    So I finally send them my login information.
    Waiting still for a reply, I send them another email with another problem.
    The so called "tmp directory hardening" never happened. I know because the attributes of the directory where still the same as before.
    Get a reply that it's fixed, but now lots of my services are not running (getting permission denied errors on Mysql, and other services).
    Sent a reply back, and after a few hours they say is fixed, which is not.
    I decide to implement the hardening myself according to a post somewhere else, which works like a charm (i had done it before)
    So at this point, my original email requesting both rootkit scanner programs has been ignored.
    Sent another email requesting they install both programs, but the reply I get is "both programs will only notify you when there is a problem or security breach". Great, I check my cronjobs, and nothing is setup to run.
    I do a scan on my hard drive and none of the programs are installed still.
    So, at this point I'm very tired of this and decide to just tell them to forget it and notify them that I would be posting a review of their "service" on any board I can find where they advertise.
    Few minutes later I get another email apologizing and saying they will correct it and "reprimand" the person who performed the work.

    To me this is not acceptable. The work should've been done from the beginning as advertised. Not after I found it wasn't and was given tons of BS and the runaround.

    I urge you to be careful when you request service from this company.


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    I apologize for this bad experience, server security service on your server was performed by our new worker who turned out to be incompetent to complete everything from the list. That person has already been terminated and no longer works for our company. Please accept my apologies and feel free to send me your paypal address to [email protected] so I can send you a refund.

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    Thumbs up for dealing with the person honestly and professionally..

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    it should never have happened in the first place, why would they hire someone and let them work on live customers servers that they are not sure are competent????

    saying sorry after the fact does nothing, what if the person was a theif and stole all their data, what is saying sorry giong to do

    serverwizards is very irresponsible, i've used them a long long time ago and had a similar problem, its funny to hear not much has changed with them

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    I happen to have multiple servers managed by SW because I don't have time to do it myself but sometimes I check their work and everything is always completed as requested. They proved to be much more reliable than any other server management company I worked with before.

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    This thread was about a one person's situation, and since it appears to be resolved, this thread is closed. If anyone wants to share their own experiences, feel free to do so in your own threads.

    dperez, if for some reason this issue is not yet resolved, feel free to contact the help desk and we'll reopen this thread for you.
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    I asked to have this thread reopened because as of today, I have not received a refund from this company. Was told they had problems with their paypal account and they would refund me via Western Union, which also never happened.
    I sent them an email telling them I would reopened this thread, and got a reply that now they have their paypal account fixed and will be givin the refund. I will update this thread if they actually do.

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