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    WHT banners


    I just wanted to ask who here has advertised on this forum and what the outcome was.

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    We've advertised here before, but not recently. I can say we got pretty good results from it. Be warned that WHT customers are usually looking for a bargain, but if you build up a good reputation on the forums and host other WHT members/mods you can get good results. I've found that the more I post in forum threads, the more my company gets recommended. We have visibility for what we do.

    Honestly, these days most of our customers don't come from WHT but from word-of-mouth, and I think that's what carried a lot of our advertising here as well -- we have a good reputation here on WHT, and other members recommend us when someone asks for something specific we offer. We've never been one of the "hot WHT companies of the week" (those companies that get mile-long threads posted about them), but then again, I've always been a fan of slow and steady growth as opposed to growing quickly and then trying to sort out messes. We haven't advertised lately simply because we are mostly full on space and took the last few months to do some "housecleaning" and clean up our internal procedures after several years of doubling in size every year. This will make us set to double again in 2007.

    Two recommendations:
    1) Find a niche your company kicks *** in. Ours is San Jose colocation and dedicated servers.
    2) Put that in your signature so when someone asks "Where can I find [your niche]?" others are more likely to recommend you.
    3) Advertise a bit, but don't rely on WHT as a sole resource. It's always better to get clients through word of mouth and referrals -- and referrals will stick with you longer as well. A lot of our WHT clients aren't very "sticky." Our referrals/clients we have a personal relationship with are extremely sticky and some refer clients again and again.

    Hope this helps!

    EDIT: We didn't do banners, just forum sticky posts. I would only recommend banners if you have a product other web hosting companies will use.
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