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    hands-off management for $100-150

    Is it possible to get hands-off server management of a dedicated server (serving about 100 cms-driven virtually-hosted websites) for $100-150/month?

    I mean they do everything to keep the server running well.


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    What host? (the host itself might have something already) Also, which OS are you using, and what tasks would you need done?
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    I plan on buying a server and colocating. Thinking of Netnation as a datacenter.

    Basically this is a virtual host (apache + mysql + FreeBSD 6.x). Nothing too fancy.

    I am really concerned about uptime and speed/responsiveness.

    One reputable company is willing but requires a control panel which I would rather avoid.

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    Try fully managed servers,be sure read their TOS carefully before you decide to buy/co the server,also search review at WHT.

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