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Thread: looking for VPS

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    looking for VPS

    I'm going to move from So now looking for reliable vps with good support for about $50 per month. Linux, whm, cpanel.
    If someone can give me advice?

    Thank you.
    Sorry for bad english.

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    i use they offer uk and us server locations.

    seems to be fine and great support

    another which i have not used but seems to get good reviews is powervps.

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    I would choose liquidweb with their current 10USD discount.

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    I would check both LiquidWeb and SLHost. Both have specials offers in the VPS Offers section right now.

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    I forgot to say
    high uptime and quick support is very important for me

    are these hosts good in it?

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    I have had dedicated servers with LiquidWeb for years. They have fairly quick support and great uptime. I did like that I could contact them by phone in an emergency.

    I have only a limited experience with slhost (about 2 weeks). In this short time, the server has always been up. I have submitted about 6 tickets at different times of the day. Most were very simple issues that I could have done myself. But I wanted to test the support. All were answered quickly. I was impressed with the quality of the replies. So far I am very impressed with them.

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    I am with slhost starter plan for about 2 weeks, their support team is quick and very helpful. check out if they still have special offer. the speed is excellent.

    good luck


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    Definitely a2b2. You cannot go wrong with it.
    Rus is a respectable guy and he knows what he's doing.

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    slicehost is quite cheap and I've found that they provide 24x7 support which is excellent .

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