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    management without control panel


    I am looking for a reliable company that will manage a server without any control panel installed.

    This server will host about 100 CMS driven websites in a virtual hosting environment with each instance having its own database.

    Apache + mysql

    There will be no email services.


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    Go with, they manage 4 of my servers without control panel, fast and knowledgeable people. I've been very happy with their service.

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    Im just curious, what CMS? Are they all busy? seems like a lot for one server if they are all busy
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    I hope to run 100-120 TYPO3 instances.

    TYPO3 requires a lot of cpu/memory.

    These are for typical small businesses so not that busy - no forums etc.

    Realistically, I think less than 1GB of bandwidth a month.

    What type of server would you recommend?

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    Typo3 needs a lot of CPU resources apart from memory.
    You will need a Dual core server for better performance.
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    If you're only pushing 1-2 gigs per month then any modern server would do. That isn't much load at all. For 100+ sites thats really nothing that a decent configured server with a cache/accelerator and optimizied httpd daemon couldn't handle.

    I'd do tinyhttpd/php & xcache combo and be done with it.

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