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    Bay Area Co-location

    I'm currently running a dedicated server with LayeredTech, and I'm looking to switch to my own server to avoid HW upgrade fees and such. I'm looking for about .5mbps of good bandwidth in and around the South Bay Area with 1U of rackspace.

    Any suggestions?

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    1,211 offers 1u and 512k (.5 mbit) on 95th for 99, and coloserve offers 100gb transfer w/ either rackmount 1-4u or a regular desktop case for 99 as well.

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    As already suggested, Simpli would be one of the top choices in the bay area with their San Jose location. Erica is very active on this forum.
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    Try Layer42, they should have something for you.
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    I definitely recommend Layer42. Their owner, Steve, is a real stand-up guy, I used to work with him. I toured their new Santa Clara datacenter recently, and it's awesome. An old facility. Steve doesn't play the kind of games that 365main, 200paul, etc plays. His pricing is straight forward, and his service is excellent.

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    1,029 Fremont - ask them for their RESELLERS, direct pricing can be very expensive, but thru resellers you can find good options.

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    ServerTweak at HE in Fremont

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