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    * Am I spending too much? Looking for upgrade option for small hosting/design biz.


    This is my first post so please be gentle. (I did read through lots of past threads.)

    Basically, I am hosting about 70 sites (8 gigs) on a dual 2.0 Celeron (win2003) with a small company (one person) that is colocating/comanaging it. He does a great job, but I am looking for the next step up. My biggest concerns are that I'd like to stop downloading daily backups, possibly speed the machine up (but it is more than enough right now), stop worrying about aging hardware issues, and have some sort of email solution.

    I have to admit that I am a little tempted by the control panels and billing solutions I see on managed and reseller accounts. By next year all of these sites will be native PHP 4/5 MySQL.

    So what do you think? Should I go with a new dedicated server somewhere? How about RackSpace? ResellerZoom? I've only managed my own server and want to take vacations without a pager.


    PS: Between SSL, Domains, DNS, and Collocating I am spending roughly $550/mo. It would be great to save a little money - but my biggest concern is to keep my customers happy.

    Note: there are about 8 SSL sites in the mix with dedicated IPs.
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    why don't you talk with your current provider and discuss your concerns with him? I'm sure he could help you with your issues.

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    Part of the problem is that he is just one person, and I am just one person. He took off a week for Christmas which scared the plum pudding out of me.

    Since PHP/MySQL hosting with email is becoming a commoidty, I am wondering if I can trade up to a situation that better complements my small scope. Keep in mind I am not looking for a $20/mo hosting plan. I just assume that there are things that get cheaper and more reliable with scale.

    For example, some of the email server software I have been researching costs very little more to run on 1000 servers than just 1. The same thing goes for providing emergency reboots. It is hard for two people to stay awake 24/7. Automated billing is another thing that could save me time.

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