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    [For Sale] IntelloDesk Pro + IntelloAlert


    I'm selling an Intellodesk Pro license with IntelloAlert which retails at $250, though it was bought during the company's launch for just $50.

    A truely great script and with the end of their promotions (as far as I can see) and version 2 just around the corner (their forum says first quarter of 2007) the value can only go up. I am selling this script as I am moving to a better billing system which incorporates a helpdesk.

    As I bought this for $50 and there is a transfer fee + PayPal fee I am looking for offers above $65 only which includes all the fees.

    Auction starting bid: $65
    Increments of $5
    Close Date/Time: 30th December, 10PM GMT
    BIN: $100
    Payment only by PayPal and MUST be made within 24 hours of auction close.

    I have submitted a helpdesk ticket ID QYF-92063 and am awaiting verification from a moderator.

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    Sell date has passed. BIN for $65.

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    License has not been verified.

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    Get the license verified and I might be interested.
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