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    How do I host my email accounts separately from my website.

    Hi everyone. I know this can be done, but I just want to know how. How do I have my email accounts hosted separately from my website.

    Here is my scenario:
    I purchased a domain from netfirms with a free email account attached.
    I however already have a webhosting account with micfo and my entire site is already uploaded and functional there.

    The person that I am building the site for however, prefers the ease of use of the netfirms email account but doesn't want to host the account there.

    I should add that I have a cgi form that will use the site's email address to post all the data collected in the form.

    How do I host at micfo with the domain name (purchased at netfirms) pointing to it, while having all the email sent via the form or through normal emailing routed to the netfirms email account?

    If I change my domain's nameservers from netfirms to micfo will that affect the email account at netfirms (in terms of mail received from the site's cgi form and other sources)?

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    Use MX records to point where your mail servers are hosted...
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    You may also need some changes depending on the control panel you use. (For example, removing the domain entry from /etc/localdomains and adding it to /etc/remotedomains etc.) Please contact your webhost to do that for you.

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