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Multi-channel software platform
Our technology provides retailers with a scalable, standards-based e-commerce solution (e-Commerce Gateway) that transforms their closed, single-channel Web site into an integrated selling environment based on a flexible multi-channel platform. The solution is based on implementation of most advanced Internet/software technologies such as SOAP/XML messaging web services and service oriented architecture (SOA).


Maximize Sales
Promote and sell products on more than 30 leading online marketing channels
Reach more than 100 million online shoppers
Automate large, complex campaigns
Scale to millions of SKUs and orders
Boost Gross Margins
Maximize actual gross profit by ad, product, category, customer, and channel
Make smarter online marketing decisions informed by operational metrics
Reduce manual reporting, exception processing, and internal IT requests
Increase Merchandising Control
Promote the right products with the right offers in the right online channels
Choose the best marketing channels for a specific product assortment
Quickly review and audit your channel marketing offers

Potentially we are looking to create a new entity in Internet space which will provide services presently unavailable on Internet.

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