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    I am jsut wondering, Is it important to keep keywords in
    meta tag to search by search engines.

    I am using rediretion and I couldnt control my meta tag.

    I have submitted to most of the search engines and still
    I didnt see anywhere.


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    Check out for a lot of info.. Generally search engines don't much like redirection A lot use text from the actual page for their data, and most can't do that if it's a frame.

    Also, be patient. How long ago did you submit? It can take upto 6 months for some of them to even acknowledge your existance..


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    Actually most modern search software such as google pretty much ignores meta's all togther...

    Google page ranking is mostly based off the content of the page itself. Another aspect of it is how many pages link back to your page.

    But, then again... If you submitted it yesterday, it ain't gonna be there for a while...

    Also... try to use a more suggestive thread subject then 'Hi'.
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    And could take you much longer to get reviewed by the big directories such as Yahoo!

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    ... or you can use paid submission service..

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