Hi, this is my first post.

I need a dedicated server so I can run a software called SAM Broadcaster wich basically plays an mp3 file and sends it towards a shoutcast server (I already bought a shoutcast server). I need a server for SAM.

The server should have the following features:

- Any processor is fine (it needs to encode mp3 only)

- An 80GB hard disc with another 80gb in RAID mirroring (for backup of ther music and application settings)

- Windows 2003 web edition with admin access to install applications and remote access.

I don't need any cpanel of any sort. I don't need much bandwidth as it will not be a web server. It will only stream a couple of 128k mp3 streams towards another shoutcast server, so 10mbit is more than enough.

Could GoDaddy be ok for that simple usage? Their RAID system even offers the email
notification if a drive fails.

Thank you very much.