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    Dns named bind errors and some apache tweaking

    For our ongoing BIND Dns problems i need someone to adjust the dns and IPs for our domains.
    We have no control panel installed.
    budget 30 dolars via paypal.
    Must have some feedback at WHT before.

    PLUS we may be working together with this person in the future.

    Contact via msnm or pm
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    Cannot open a new thread so I thought its better to ask support in the same thread

    I need someone to:

    1- Install, tweak apache 1.3.37 for a high volume vbulletin portal,
    2- Install php 4.4.4
    3- COnfigure install mail server (optional)
    4- configure the virtual hosts. I have the previous conf files on the server.

    Payment can be done only via CC, I cant do it via paypal.

    The previous apache installations are via YUm.. And its all messed up.

    contact via msn and or pm...

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