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    * opensrs domain reneve has not ben reneve...

    hi all,
    I am an opensrs reseller.
    Now, i have a strange problem with a domain reneve.
    I reneve a domain and all seems ok. I also recive the confirm message by e-mail.
    Some days afther customer calls me and ask why i not reneve his domain. I checked out the whois and domain seems not ben reneved.
    So i go to the reseller interface and and checked the domain. It was reneved correctly. Afther this i checked whois an also there the domain seems to be reneved.
    So i wrote to my customer and told his all is ok now. This was last week
    Today he called me again and told me the domain has not ben reneved.
    So i went again to the opensrs reseller interface and.. yes... the domain is expired...and has not ben reneve.

    So this is a very crazy situation... for me...

    Just wrote to opensrs support..... perhaps they has some problems with there admin panel....

    Anyone has had similar problems ?
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    Never seen it.

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    Ouch - that is bad, just try to get that domain back asap.

    This might a problem at your end - I had it with, Star Gate to - just make sure no one else picks it up. It is most likely a WhoIs data base problem(common registrar problem) - just keep on it and let your customer know what is happening.

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    As an OpenSRS reseller you have access to emergency support. You can also see the expiration date in the RWI and do you don't have to rely on any whois service.

    This will tell you exactly when the domain exipres, and you have contacts at OpenSRS to call if things are not right with the domain.

    Even posting this here is unproductive at best.

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    "thewitt" ,
    yes i have access to RWI to check this domain . When i do this last week it was reneved (have a copy of the page)
    But yesterday i checked it again and it was not nereve....

    so there should be some problems with the RWI selve.....

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    What did you hear back from OpenSRS on this one? When you sent in your support ticket to the email address at the bottom of the RWI main screen, did you include both screen shots - the Renewed domain and the later dated, not renewed domain?

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    I underdtand they have had cacheing issues with the RWI so they have introduced a dats stamp on each page.

    I was surprised that one page I went to was showing an hour earlier until I refreshed.

    This may (or may not) be related.

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    I'll resell for openSRS soon - gota you know?

    who ever is the regisrar - just make sure your customer does not lose their domian.

    Worst come to worst - I advise you pay $70 bucks to - my customers pay me back ten fold, no disrespect to any registrar intended, just minding my customers.

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