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    Your top 10 holiday destinations


    Basically, this is just a list of your top 10 holiday destinations. City, whole country, all of the world, Mars, whatever (please keep it on Earth ).

    List all of your top 10 (or 20, or 100!) holiday destinations, even if the political situation means you may never be able to go there, or if it's out of your budget, no restrictions, just keep it on Earth, please.

    The list doesn't have to be in any order, so your #1 holiday location that you are desperate to go to could be #10.

    Anyway, there'd be no point of me starting a list thread without me posting my own list.

    - Machu Picchu, Peru
    - Bali, Indonesia -- Already been, but it's so great I want to go again.
    - United States -- I've been to Florida, but fancy seeing more of the US.
    - Guatemala
    - Antarctica -- Penguins!
    - Vietnam
    - Laos
    - Cambodia
    - China
    - Hong Kong
    - Dubai
    - Persia
    - Saudi Arabia
    - India
    - Jordan
    - Venice, Rome, Italy
    - Tokyo, Japan
    - Australia
    - Zürich, Sweden
    - Prague
    - Belize
    - New Zealand
    - Brazil
    - South Africa
    - Morroco

    That's all I can think of at the moment! As you can see, I want to visit lots of tropical places, I love the jungle.

    Now lets see your lists!


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    Hm, well.

    Naples, Florida. (Currently relaxing here already -- just about ready to pack up and head back to Canada but not without going for an evening sail first!).

    Anywhere, Costa Rica

    Beyond that I don't have too many other places I'd be interested in seeing. I enjoy the 'jungle' myself as well!

    Anywhere away from civilization will suffice but I want to check out Japan before I plop down somewhere remote.
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    I want to see south america

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    West Yorkshire, UK
    Kandersteg, Switzerland - I went in 2000, and I went this year, and I'll be going again in '09. The 2000 trip was by far the most memorable experience of my life.

    Salou, Spain - I'm a theme park junky, and the two days I spent at PortAventura included me going on my first inverted coaster (Dragon Khan. A total of eight times upside down during the ride).

    New York City (Manhattan, specifically) - I spent five days there in March 05 and I loved every minute of it. The city has its own buzz. There is just something special about the city that makes it different from any other city in the world. Maybe one day I'll get to experience living a block from Central Park on the Upper East Side.

    Benidorm, Spain - This has a special place in my heart because it was the first time I went abroad with a friend by ourselves.

    Machu Picchu, Peru - I've never been, but I did apply for a Scout expedition there earlier this year. Unfortunately, I wasn't among those who were selected to go. Me being me, because I came so close to going, I have made it a point to go in the future.

    Dubai - It's a growing city, working to produce luxury tourism to keep the money flowing when the oil runs out. I want to be a part of that growth.

    Australia - Such a wonderful place (or so I am told). I love travel by plane and as a result, the quote "Your holiday starts as soon as you leave the ground" rings very true to me. I have never travelled on a Boeing 777, so a trip to Australia will give me a perfect chance to do so. If I am lucky, the Airbus A380 will be in production when I go and I'll get a chance to fly on that.

    There are many more places, but those are some of the ones that are high up on my list. If I could take eight months from work I would start planning a round the world trip tomorrow. Unfortunately, that isn't an option right now.
    - Jamie Harrop

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    I'm quite lucky as I'm about to take a 6 month break and travel the world going to a lot (not all) of the places I have always wanted to see.

    - China - I've got a friend living in Shanghai, she loves it there. Hopefully I will head over there sometime next year.
    - Hong Kong - Going in January
    - Australia - February
    - New Zealand - March
    - America - Currently in Florida, but really want to see the rest of it. Coming back over next year starting in San Francisco and working back across to the East coast.
    - Canada - Never been before but I've heard good things. Also visiting next year.
    - Dubai - Currently not somewhere I have current plans for, but would like to visit in the future.

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    We hardly ever go anywhere for the holidays and we don't do that much travelling. I would say Puerto Vallarta as one place though that I really enjoy myself. The people are really nice and especially right now, the weather is looking better and better

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    Chennai , India
    America , UK and srilanka. if i would wish to travel.

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