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    new domain name question

    Hey Wht members
    i thinking for a cool domain name for my design related website
    what should i name it?

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    You can go to and get suggestions for different domains. I am not very original at picking new names, so you probably wouldn't want to hear my pick.
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    If you can't think of a domain name for your website, you probably shouldn't be making one. Where are the ideas for a design, content, marketing, and other aspects going to come from?

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    Sometimes choosing an appropriate and effective domain name is much harder then having an idea for creating a layout. Many can express better with images/tools but not with words, especially when it regards your own domain name.

    You could use a combination of words for your domain name for SE reasons, as "CompanyWeb" "CompanyDesign" "CompanyDesignStudio" etc, but also you might like to choose a name that is easy to remember but won't give much SE results (even tho its the content of the site that gives much more SE results) for example ... would you ever forget that name?

    Just my 2 cents.

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    It's not easy to find good names nowdays, you have to turn "the any old name" into a real trendy brand. That's your task

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    I suggest you either pick a keyword related or branded domain name.

    Keyword- try to pick a keyword that your customer will search for your service and add to that.

    Branded- pick a word or group of words that is easy to remember.

    Either way you go, keep it a short as possible.

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    Thank thelaw for your understanding
    some people like to judge too early..
    not having a name doesn;t mean we lack the skill for other things.
    like marketing,layout and design.

    and because it a domain game. coming out with name is harder.
    every name i can think out now is pre registered for selling or for other design.

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    trying back-ordering a domain with high traffic and possibly a brandable word. If not try and invent a brandable word... All good dictionary combos are taken.. acehosting / fasthost / sweethhost etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightwing2006
    Hey Wht members
    i thinking for a cool domain name for my design related website
    what should i name it?
    Well I dont know exactly what you should name it, but here are some guidelines I have been following for the past 6 years.

    Try NOT to include the type of website in the domain name, A lot of people are against this but keeping the name simple is really important as I have seen in my experience (example, if you website name is *something* dont name the domain *something* or *something* just name is *something*.com).

    And make sure its a .COM tld regardless of what country you live in, then you can get your country tld if you want.

    IMPORTANT: If you search for a domain name at any registrars, make sure you buy it once you decide on the name, because if the name really is good/popular, I've heard bots register for a 5 day period and if its really popular, they might register it for good (It just happened to me with my latest domain purchace, I guess it wasnt as popular as they thought, lol ).

    None of these are written in stone so for example if you absolutely have the need to write your website type (*something* go ahead its no big deal .
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    Quote Originally Posted by knightwing2006
    i thinking for a cool domain name for my design related website what should i name it?
    I like That's cool. Use that.
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