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    hosts censoring blog posts about themselves?

    Dear all,

    I'm writing a book about blogging and freedom of speech. One issue I'm discussing is "gripesites" -- sites that gripe about particular companies. Quite by coincidence, I collected a lot of links concerned with my own web host. It suddenly dawned on me that this might be a problem. Do you think they could close me down? Would it be legal? Or am I too paranoid? Do you have any experience of such an issue?

    Maybe I should move anyway, just to be on the safe side. look like nice people (although I realize niceness is not all one requires from a web host).



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    'gripesites' at least the ones that have a real issue with providers are a good way of getting a service provider to improve.

    there used to be a large number of sites berating the large ISPs in the UK, btopenwoe, ntlwoe, pipexwoe for example. once the ISPs had cleaned up their acts these sites were more than happy to champion their providers.

    if you personally don't have an issue with your host and you like their service you don't have to go.

    if you do, as always vote with your wallet
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    thanks, that's a great reference. I'm much obliged. What's interesting about my host ("Streamlinenet") is that they are famous for going after people with law suits. This is what makes me a bit worried that they will go after me for writing things in a blog hosted with them. Streamlinenet too seems to have improved as of late (although there is no consensus verdict on this).

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