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    Do it yourself or outsource?

    I'm looking at some email hosts (, fusemail, mailsnare, ..) to handle my email for me. I have spent lots of time reading the product offerings, terms of use, privacy policy, their setup and configuration. Still did not choose one.

    i have admin skills, but I wanted to save time. The time to configure and secure Postfix-SMTP-AUTH-TLS, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, virtual domains, ... Plenty of guides on the web, don't know how good and complete they are.

    For those who have faced this before, is it really a timesaver to outsource this type of task? I have a gut feeling that to use a 3rd party i'd need to know almost as much to do my own. There is also the time to establish the relationship with the provider. Accounting is a nobrainer - outsource it. same with legal. This stuff, not so sure.

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    Is is just an email provider you want? Have you checked with some hosting companies as well? Handling it yourself can ge pretty cumbersome and I am guessing you would have your own server as well? The problem with that is that if it goes down at 1 a.m., are your prepared to wake up to fix it?

    Outsourcing can usually save a lot of your own valuable time - which is what a lot of people realize once they are ready.

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    Through outsourcing you can always push the blaime and kick up a fuss to someone else when its not going well, but in the same token you have to upstick and change companies as a last resort when things arnt going well your not in control of your own sucess as it were.

    Setting up postfix/spamassasin/clamav/virtual domains is alot easier than some of the HOWTO's would have you think!

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    I used for some time, but it was getting expensive with the number of users. The hosted gmail solution is really my favorite now.
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